Apr 14, 2007

Jaxtr adds India to the list

Finally !

A text message on my jaxtr inbox informed me that India along with 190 other countries had been added to jaxtr's list of 29 countries where we can receive calls and activate the phones.

That means if you are in the 29 countries (includes US, UK, Japan, Australia amongst others) you can call jaxtr members in 220 countries for the cost of a local call.

So if you want to call me, go ahead.

I hope India also gets added to the list of countries we can make calls out from. Then it would be goodbye to ISD calls. Konstantin Guericke, CEO of Jaxtr, (yes, the same one who co-founded Linkedin) mailed the jaxtr egroup to say:

The calls you receive are still limited to people from the 29 countries where we have local numbers, but we are working to add local numbers in more countries and also allow users in other countries (where we are not able to get numbers that send calls abroad) to call you through numbers in the US
We're keeping our fingers crossed !