May 11, 2007

Udai Pareek's Blog

Anagat Pareek (Dr. Udai Pareek's son) left a comment on my previous post letting me know that Dr. Pareek has started blogging !

Go check out OB and HR, where he has a very thoughtful and insightful post on Transformational HRM.

As he writes:

The transformational functions of HR will include the following: HR people must pursue these.
    Talent management: Searching, nurturing, mentoring
Finding, developing and keeping talent are among the top concerns for human resource (HR) executives for 2007, according to the ORC Worldwide HR Priorities Survey, which annually polls a group of global HR executives from a cross-section of industries.
Every six out of 10 respondents (61.7 percent) said the most pressing strategic HR issues companies will face in 2007 fall into the realm of "talent management”
Among the most important issues ranked were leadership development and succession planning, HR technology, workforce planning, executive compensation and diversity, respectively.
    Climate of trust, equity and involvement
    Change management, including mergers and acquisitions
    Ethics and social responsibility
    Reward system
The following preparations are necessary for HR to play strategic role and to become a competitive advantage.
    Thorough knowledge of the business and its various aspects
    Thorough knowledge of, and expertise in, applied behavioural science
    Consulting and research competencies
The various institutes of management preparing young HR professionals must make sure that the students get thoroughly oriented to play their role in this respects
I hope so too ! Welcome to the blogosphere Dr. Pareek !