Sep 13, 2007

Barack Obama campaigns on Linkedin

Well he's not actually saying "vote for me" but merely asking a question. His campaign even has a group on Linkedin.

Well after YouTube's presidential debate, Linkedin is the latest tool in the US presidential race. Scott Allen has a post on his blog related to all things Linkedin and the comments are quite insightful about how people feel about what I think is a masterstroke by both Linkedin and Obama.

I've blogged earlier about how the Linkedin Answers feature could be used by small independent professionals and firms to showcase their expertise, but never did I imagine that asking a question could give one such a visibility.

My guess is that Linkedin is merely borrowing a trick from Yahoo's method of getting large groups to access its under-utilised features by using celebrities like former Indian President Abdul Kalam and actress Sushmita Sen. The reason I guess is to get higher page views and also involve the large majority of users of Linkedin who merely go to the site when there are requests to act on. This view is strengthened by Linkedin's Kay Luo's statement on Scott's blog where she states:

This is part of a Tech Entrepreneurship week on LinkedIn Answers. We will be featuring other questions from other people (not just candidates), as well.