Sep 16, 2007

There is an I in Team

At the BNet Blog there's a post about five teamwork myths.

Well actually, it's quite common sense. Teams are not instant panacea for any problem. For actions that are needed to be taken quickly and decisively teams might be the wrong way to approach it.

Teams that have lots of hierarchical structure might be dysfunctional too as group think can occur quite rapidly.

Choosing a team and giving roles in a team is an art. Not all team leaders can do that very simply. In fact sometimes genius performers cannot really lead a team. Or it gets too much for them... take a look at Rahul Dravid.

Being a great team member starts with not others but by being aware of one's strengths, weaknesses and role. What role one chooses or is given is dictated by one's strengths. So there is a big "I" in the team. In fact, this was shown by Belbin Team Roles research too.