Sep 17, 2007

The Brand is the Talent

Tom Peters on why the second best players make the best coaches, and why in the world of business and government we don't follow that thumb rule.

Great video to see on a Monday morning and to think about for the week. He blogs about the same issue today as he says:

it's not an externally directed "war to snatch talent from the other guy" by "being more aggressive than the competition"—but an internally directed competition against ourselves (and our outrageously strong beliefs about people) in which we aim to create an unimaginably attractive workplace. Think Apple, BMW, Cirque du Soleil, Wegmans. And back to the Royal Navy, the Brits built a model of Excellence that had no parallels in its sphere in human history—it was a model about what could be that had never been before, and it was "the other guys" who were forced into the externally aimed "competitive," inferior, reactive, copyist mode.

Yep, don't think of only recruiting.

Think about great retention. And great recruiting with happen.

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