Oct 11, 2007

Sudhanshu Pant moves to Gurgaon

It's not just Indian business leaders who are relocating from the US and other western nations back to India, but now even an executive search consultant like my blog buddy Sudhanshu Pant who's decided to move from NY to Gurgaon !

India is a tough market for recruiters with many job offers chasing fewer talented candidates, and here's wishing Sudhanshu all the best for his new role ! Hope he blogs about his perspective and take on things in India. He already says how amazed he's about the change in the Indian mindset over the last one and half decades:

There is a positive feeling in the air, with a high level of confidence and a "can do" attitude. People I speak to believe that tomorrow will be better than today which already is better than yesterday. This attitude is infectious and a great morale booster when you are working with others in a team.

The new look Indian cricket team and the movie "Chak De" epitomise this new India and the change in culture. This is the reason why both have attracted such fanatical fan following for they seem to reflect people’s aspirations to succeed.

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