Apr 14, 2008

Best of Indian Business Blogging - Week 4

Well, here we are back, your trusted Indian Business Bloggers attempting to bring to your notice some great business blogging being done by Indians.

And today we have the following posts:

Sanjay Anandram and Vijay Anand have some insightful take on on why startups should choose their VCs/ boards carefully.
Wasn't it Galileo who said that "I can see farther because I stand on the shoulders of giants"? So entrepreneurs have to understand that they cannot do and plan everything. There's always merit in engaging with the right kind of advisors who have your long term interests at their heart.

- Vijay Anand and Snigdha Sengupta on what's wrong with BarCamps. I still haven't attended a barCamp but if Vijay is right and that it is similar to the Open Space Conference then I think the facilitation of the Conference probably needs to be looked at. I don't know if a facilitator is actually there at BarCamps - but in Large Scale Interactive Processes it is often easy to think that groups can 'self-organise' without design or direction. It's not true. Take a look at this.

- Jinal Shah wants to make sense of the chaos of the social web. Anybody keen to take up her creative challenge?

- The Sans Serif blog on the upcoming Hindu vs ToI battle in Chennai - well it was upcoming when the post was written and the TOI has already launched with a swipe at the Hindu's political--left slant and looks like the Hindu is jittery- dropping its prices. In these days of rising newsprint prices does the Hindu want to get drawn into a price war against a media behemoth that has TV, radio, the internet in its arsenal?

- Harish B looks at the relaunch of Tata Sumo as Tata Sumo Grande and wonders why the brand could not be renamed to Tata Grande as he feels that the Sumo was never perceived as a family vehicle and the new product is much more suited for that role.

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