Feb 17, 2009

Organizational Learning and Business Impact

On Linkedin someone asked a question:

From your own professional perspective, what are the approaches that may be suggested to make sure that organizational Learning may be successfully applied in an average company, by ensuring at the same time, a seamless alignment with the business strategy?

This is what I replied:

First of course, we have to make sure that the learning addresses a gap or opportunity area that has a direct business impact. For that critically analysing needs and impact of proposed learning is imperative

By making sure that structures, processes and measurement systems support by making 'implementation of knowledge' important, and by rewarding both success and failure - and punishing inaction - as far as experimenting with new knowledge goes.

It is not just people who undergo training/learning but their managers/supervisors who have to be held accountable for nominating them for learning initiatives and to have measurable change in behavior after learning.