Feb 17, 2009

Dealing with the economic crisis

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Tips for Dealing with the Economic Crisis
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you are well aware that the entire world is waist-deep in an economic crisis the likes of which have not been seen in nearly two decades.  Experts are saying that it will take quite some time for things to turn around and major companies are feeling the crunch and taking necessary measures to ensure they don’t sink under the pressure.
In the field of HR, we are in a unique position that ultimately makes us look like the bad guys when we are simply doing our jobs, but there are some good pieces of advice that can help employees and potential employees deal with these tough times.
Get Ready to Work Harder Than Ever Before
If you want to be an indispensable employee, get ready to roll up your sleeves and take on multiple tasks and do it without being asked.  Take some initiative and throw your hat in the ring.  Once you establish yourself as a doer, you’ll be recognized for your willingness to help out and that sets you above the rest.
Continue Learning
It can be very easy to become complacent and stagnate in the process when you aren’t working on bettering yourself.  There is an entire young workforce out there that is well-versed in a multitude of subjects and applications that are willing to do the same amount of work for less money.  The problem?  They still lack the requisite experience and current employees have an advantage if they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn new skills and applications.
Consider a Portfolio Career
People who have a wide variety of skills at their disposal are finding that a portfolio career suits them better and are able to stay on at their current job in some capacity while exploring other areas of interest.  Portfolio careers are rapidly becoming the norm in a society where technological integration has made trudging to the office for the 9-5 a thing of the past. 
Eyes on the Prize
Determined and self-motivated people don’t have time to sit around waiting for the pink slip.  If they get one, they know that they will be fine because they have the knowledge base and skill set to be successful.  People who still do their job well and effectively under pressure are too busy getting things done to think about losing their jobs and upper management knows who these people are.  Help be part of the solution rather than waiting for the axe to fall.


  1. these tips are useful for fight with economic crisis

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