Mar 12, 2009

Human Resources and Social Media

Some months ago I blogged about how to transform HR to HR2.0 . In this post I attempt to take these forward.

In connection with some client related consulting work I am catching up with storytelling, conversations and how they are relevant to organizations.

As I have posted earlier , sensemaking is a role that HR and OD professionals should take upon themselves. Terry posted more about the subject at Scott's blog.

The narrative or storytelling method is one of the best tools that human beings have to make sense of complexity. There are obvious drawbacks (simplistic business books is one unfortunate byproduct!) but the power of the method to help people make sense is amazing.

Stories can be used for a variety of organizational purposes. From learning to inspiring. See more at Stephen Denning's website .

Stories are passed from people to people by conversations.

That is why for HR2.0 social media can be a key tool to propagate a different mindset and culture. According to cluetrain  "markets are conversations" but as a colleague pointed out "organizations are conversations" too!

What we talk about organizations and what is talked about within organizations is what the organization morphs into. An organization in which conversations are primarily about seeking new possibilities becomes an innovative organization.

Social media can be not just the medium but the message itself if an organization really embraces the tenets of conversations and not just one way communication. As Seth Godin says , building and shepherding a tribe (or community) is what organizations need to be doing.

As custodian of the employment 'brand', as a HR manager/professional what is the tribe you want to steward?