Mar 1, 2009

Human Resources Professionals' Online Hangout

I get a lot of questions asked by HR professionals on how they can interact with others - to get knowledge and share networking opportunities.

Here's some thing which I recommend:

  1. Join one of the many HR groups on Yahoo and Google Groups. Of course, you are likely to be inundated  by email. I've reserved a gmail id solely for the purposes of receiving these messages. I manage one such HR based egroup too. If you'd like to become a member send me a message on, since entry is on invites only. 
  2. Join HR groups on Linkedin and Facebook. The good stuff is that you can get weekly rather than daily email updates. On Linkedin I have found this group quite useful. And on Facebook I started the HR professionals' Facebook network . If you are a vendor to HR folks, maybe you should join the HR vendors' group too.
  3. Join the social networks based on Ning. There's the Human Resources Professionals community (started by me ;-) and already has more than 600 members - Ok, I must stop bragging !) , the Recruitingblogs  community, the HRMToday community that started off as the community of HR bloggers, the Employee Engagement Network and even the HR forum on There are non-Ning based communities like CiteHR too. If you'd like an opportunity to showcase yourself I'd suggest a Ning based community.
  4. Then there are the online communities on HR websites like , HCI  also.
Ultimately it's not about the places you can connect, but about the value you add to the communities you do connect.

What are the online communities where you like to connect with other HR professionals?