Feb 23, 2009

Your Feedback needed on our consulting firm's website

Hey there, I'd like some feedback from you.

I've set up the website and blog of the performance support consulting firm where I work. Go take a look.

Currently there is the blog , the kind of work we have done , client testimonials , the intervention model we follow, some sample interventions , and our team .

My question is: what is your feedback about the site?

What could we add that would make a potential buyer pick up the phone and contact us?

Brickbats welcome :-)

Leave the feedback in the comments to this post.

For the people interested, I built the site on Wordpress using WP domain upgrade . So there are a lot of limitations to what we could do there, for example I can't run scripts or do pop-ups. Any feedback, or ideas about what to put in and what to edit would be most welcome!


  1. Hi Gautam,

    am not into consulting but from a viewer point of view, it looks very naive and does not look professional. am sure there is a lot that can be done using wordpress to make it professional.

    my two cents there.

  2. Sorry to be harsh but the site is all about you. First thing: Get over yourself. the content on your site should be about me (your reader), the problems I have, how well you understand those problems, and how you solve them for me.

    Dave Barnhart
    Business Blogging Pros LLC

  3. Hi Gautam,

    Here's my honest feedback;

    A) The Good

    1) Content is great!
    2) Frequently updated.

    b) Can be better

    1)Logo in header is way too large.

    2) The first [home] & last link in the horiz nav bar are the same, so it would be confusing for some. No need of repetition.

    3) The Contact Us page should be prominent link, ie easy to find. From the above point 2, the Contact us page link can be the last one in right hand side of horiz navigation bar.

    4) The table structure, ie, grid on http://vyaktitva.net/work-done/ is from the pre-2000 era. Simple listing could also look better. Include logos of clients.

    5) On http://vyaktitva.net/intervention-model/ the image could be a better scanned image.

    6)On http://vyaktitva.net/team/ No designations?

    regards, Prashant.

  4. Hi Gautam, I would agree with some of the feedback from above. Perhaps cultural differences however there is too much Vyaktitva information up front. It is OK to describe that as basis for your work however I would focus more on the "what we can do for you-our clients" to solve problems etc up front. Just my opinion.


  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. Gautam,

    In addition to the 3rd feedback above, I'd say that:

    . the top band should be livened up with another background colour and something more than just the logo covering the whole area.

    . comments should be closed on all pages except the blog

    . the two blue boxes What we do and Pages should be switched to accord higher visibility to the former

    . the missing Vyaktis should be represented through their photos and all photos be clear, same-sized and smaller than the average size used

    The site conveys the impression of a talented team's presence and it's mostly the interface that needs refining.

  7. The blog is great. NOt nearly enough info on: http://vyaktitva.net/work-done/some-interventions/

    Consultants should be able to post much more specific details about successful projects. In the event the client doesn't want their name used, fine, provide the details, with client details removed. The lack of detailed case studies on most consulting firms sites provides an opportunity to make your site stand out by providing them.

  8. You have the change the header of the site, it's look like "online games site" and not like a company site...