Aug 1, 2011

Some thoughts on Talent Communities

Someone asked me what I thought about social recruiting - and I replied forget "social recruiting", focus on building Talent Communities

When he asked what I meant by that I replied :

Some thoughts about Talent Communities

  1. Talent communities are where people go to connect with fellow professionals and learn. Hence they are more “communities of practice” than anything else.
  2. Talent communities are places one goes to find experts and also to build their own personal career brand.
  3. Companies must engage in talent communities by letting their internal experts connect with and build their own networks.
  4. The best Talent Community Facilitator would be an expert in the roles – not necessarily a recruiter.
  5. The Talent community is a place to discuss, solve other's problems, share war stories and visions of the future, to look at where the field is headed and what are the skills needed tomorrow. 
  6. The focus on jobs/recruiting has to be secondary to the above.
  7. The skills a Talent Community Facilitator would be a combination of facilitation, teaching, guiding, triggering conversations, mapping the skills of community members and of course skills in the domain of the community. 

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