Jul 26, 2010

What would a Talent Community Manager do?

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Earlier I have posted about whether Talent Community Managers should or would exist in the future and how organizations are using Talent Communities for hiring as well as building their employer brand.

I also have looked at what community managers do.

So was excited today when I came across this job description of EMC's Community Development Manager[pdf] as well as Credit Suisse's Alumni Network Director.

Yes the future is here already!

As blogged earlier - these roles incorporate various disciplines - and can best be described as Technopologists - a combination of marketing (or recruiting/HR), technologist and social anthropologist.

Check out both the job descriptions - they combine technology expertise with an ability to engage online groups.

What are the characteristics of online communities - and how are they different from social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Lithium Software's Principal Scientist of Analytics had a series of great posts on the same subject. This one for example is about Communities vs Social Networks and this one is about how they help in developing weak ties to Strong Ties.

So can we say that the focus of the online Community Managers would be to bring in members leveraging the weak ties between people - and providing content around the social object of the community - so that they help members develop strong ties.
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