Oct 29, 2014

On demergers -quoted in the Business Standard @bsindia

The folks at Business Standard did a story on demergers and asked me for an opinion on how organizations could do it better, some excerpts:

According to independent HR consultant Gautam Ghosh, "A corporate spin-off is not necessarily bad news for employees. The problem is that many organisations do not communicate a demerger strategy to their employees proactively. In fact, in my experience, even some MNCs, known otherwise for their professional management practices, fail to share a clear roadmap with their country or regional offices making the whole process painful and fraught with risks." Ghosh warns communication that is one-way is not good enough. "A company that runs a global business should consult the leaders of all the countries to assess the HR implications of tough business decisions. This will help them avoid bad press," adds Ghosh.