Nov 5, 2014

Enterprise Social Networking - the focus on collaboration and driven by HR

So yesterday I gave a talk to 12 HR heads at Bangalore which was organized by Microsoft on my thoughts on enterprise social networking in organizations. I was surprised to discover that many HR leaders were looking at driving it for their organizations

Here are some points I made

  • Enterprise Social helps to make implicit knowledge explicit
  • Focusing on communities rather than networks is key
  • Sharing within the enterprise is a test of vulnerability - and is dependent on community management and organizational culture and ecosystem
  • Every organization will need to discover its own "use case" for enterprise networking
  • Only when employees discover that it helps them get their work done better and faster that its adoption will skyrocket - so key skill of community manager is to help employees discover that
  • Social recognition and adoption by leadership drives engagement and adoption
  • Organizations need to listen and "discover" their experts that they don't even know they have

My friend Sheel shared how Microsoft used Yammer internally to have difficult conversations and the culture was key to having open conversations. I was also fascinated to learn about how United Breweries HR team led by my friend Suvro had spearheaded Yammer adoption (75% of employees including blue collar workers are on Yammer)- take a look at the video below :)

United Breweries Limited: Brewing up enterprise social success from Yammer on Vimeo.

Update from Suvro: "what we do is that we publish on behalf of our associates (workmen) anything worthy of publishing....but from an access level, it is only for white collared ones"