Apr 27, 2015

Recap of #SHRMTech15 @SHRMIndia - a story told in some tweets

So I was at SHRM India's SHRMTech15 conference and here are some thoughts that struck me through the day, and some quotes by speakers that made me thoughtful and triggered more thoughts

So that was it from the main conference folks! Let me know what you think :)

Apr 25, 2015

top 25 #HRInfluencers on #socialmedia by @SHRMIndia

So last evening SHRM India unveiled its list of Indian HR Influencers on Social Media and I was at (ahem!) number 1

You can download the full PDF list here

Apr 22, 2015

#socialmedia and the Workplace @BT_India Video

Remember I had earlier blogged about being on the panel at the Business Today Knowledge Forum on HR where I was invited to be part of a panel discussion?

Well the video is out - and I hope you like it :)

Apr 16, 2015

{Video} @RDConsultingIN interviews me for @Social_Samosa #socialmedia

Ritu David interviewed me about my social media journey during the Social Media Week at Bangalore on my blogging and social media journey.

Here's the video:) Hope you like it

Apr 10, 2015

The promise and the challenges of Employer Branding

As some of you know I joined Flipkart with the designation of Director - Talent Branding. Many people after that have asked me what exactly is my role and what would I be doing.

Here are my top few thoughts on the need for employer branding:

Why is it important?
  • Attracting great talent biggest challenge (Randstad Report)
  • Brand Image and company reputation play most important (Aon Hewitt, LinkedIn India survey)
  • New communication / media platforms require organizations to build their presence across a variety of media platforms
  • Employer Branding strategy helps in attracting better culturally fit candidates (CEB)

  • Communicate the distinctive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for specific talent segments 
  • Build the organizations' brand leveraging digital media 
  • Help the recruiting team move from “outreach” (sales model) to build “inbound” (marketing model) talent - attracting the "right" kind of talent. 
Components of Employer Branding

The process

The Challenges

  • Finding the right partner agency to work along with - Most communications agencies have little or no understanding of the O2C - Organization to Candidate ecosystem
  • Helping your Top Leaders, Recruiters and Hiring Managers to start thinking of themselves as brand ambassadors. It's great if your CEO is active on Twitter and constantly looking for talent :)
  • Creating a culture where employees think of themselves as storytellers and feel free to share internal stories with their professional networks - without waiting for permission
  • Finding a tool to track conversation to inbound traffic to applicants to effective hiring
So we made a start, we created a Twitter handle for Flipkart Careers and have taken to aggressively posting on our Flipkart LinkedIn page too. Take a look at the content and let me know what you think.

Mar 27, 2015

The @LinkedIn video: How to get a job at @Flipkart

So my colleague Vamsi and I were interviewed by folks at LinkedIn as part of their campaign with MTV India's #GetAJob on what it takes to get a job at Flipkart using LinkedIn

So here's the video :)

Mar 26, 2015

The 3000th blog post - reflections on 13 years of blogging

So I thought I would blog on something special for this post, but then I realised that maybe this should just be a "looking back" post. And as my friend Steve Levy suggested on Twitter
I wandered into blogging by accident - as I guess most of us who discovered blogging in 2002 did. The pros outweighed the cons. You were part of a small community of bloggers and read each other's blog posts.

Being part of a early adopter community - like joining LinkedIn in 2002, or trying Yammer in 2008 ensure that you build connections easily and feel part of an "elite club", but the cons are that the tools are often not very evolved, and things that you want take time to be built into it - if at all.

Often the needs of the product change from users to revenue and the product changes and most of the early adopters like it. Sometimes the changes are triggered to make the product useful for the "normal" population which the early adopters don't agree with. It's a tricky balance. Saw it in the case of LinkedIn and also Twitter.

And here's an interview that my friend Jim Stroud did of me some 8 years ago - where I talk about how I got blogging