Jan 16, 2015

Why FB@Work will not work #socbiz #ensw #facebookatwork

IMG_7440So the announcement is finally out, Facebook is out with its product for enterprises called FB@Work. According to techCrunch:

fbwork_press_newsfeedFacebook At Work features a News Feed of “what’s new and relevant at your company,” individual and group chat, Groups, and the ability to invite your whole company to events. Within Facebook At Work, you’ll be able to see content shared publicly on classic Facebook, but not anything shared more privately, like just with friends.
Privacy is not Facebook At Work’s strong suit. Anything you post to the feed can be seen by the whole company, meaning the product lacks granular privacy controls for now. And Facebook says that “The people who manage Facebook at Work at your company can access anything you share from your work account, just as they might access your work emails and other work files.” So bosses could snoop on your messages.
Companies can now apply for access to Facebook At Work with this sign-up page.
Rasmussen told Wired that in Facebook At Work, the News Feed will display posts from the colleagues you interact with most, and that posts that are endorsed by other teammates will spread further around the company.
Facebook has taken flack for its classic social network over-filtering of posts. Here it will have to be sure not to hide mission-critical information. Done right, it could save people’s sanity and allow them to stay concentrated.
The product will have to overcome the stigma against mixing work and pleasure, even though you can keep your Work profile totally separate from your personal one. Plus, Facebook’s shaky track record on confusing and shifting privacy controls could scare away CIOs. We’ll have to wait for more review-style reports to know how well the profile and News Feed serve these purposes, as Facebook At Work is still in private beta

For all it's pros, here is why I think FB@Work will "Not Work" - based on my experiences with helping and advising Indian companies over the last 5 years. These are similar to my thoughts about why Google+ wouldn't work for enterprise social networking that I posted in 2011.

  • larger organizations already have a collaboration software like Yammer (owned by Microsoft), Chatter (owned by Salesforce), Jive in place. Don't expect them to pull out their investments from these platforms into Facebook@Work
  • For smaller organizations FB@Work may work - if they can get their employees to use it in a regular basis - and that's a big "IF". I am not sure how businesses can encourage their employees to fill out an "at work" Facebook profile with data relevant to other colleagues who might need to reach out to you. I reckon businesses will need to give the role to a full-fledged "community manager" and am not sure if that will happen. 
  • We all have seen when an enterprise social network launches there is excitement and everybody starts posting there - and unless these are meaningful and work related soon everybody tires of the novelty and goes back to communicating via email. 
  • There's the privacy concern too - Facebook has visibility to all discussions about your work projects, your conversations with colleagues, managers, rewards - how comfortable will employees be if these are used for advertisement targeting as Sameer suggests?
I would love to be proved wrong, but I think it's not just a software play - and the dice is loaded against Facebook to make it work.

Oh and did you know that LinkedIn is entering the market with a product that will enable co-workers to connect with each other using InMail messages. I thought most organizations already had a tool that enabled that - it's called "email" :)

Here are more insights on FB@Work by my friends Sameer Patel and Alan Lepofsky.

Jan 15, 2015

Three great sites to discover Learning and #HRBlogs

The year started with the 6th annual list of elearning movers and shakers and some Indian friends  Sahana Chattopadhyay, Sunder Ramachandran Abhijit Bhaduri, Kavi Arasu,   Manish Gupta, Manish Mohan Sumeet Moghe, made the list! You can check out the list here

Then I chanced to discover - HR Blogger - an aggregator of HR blogs from all over. You get to know what the latest blog posts are being posted - specially if you don't use a feed reader like Feedly. Bookmark this site :)

Today I discovered some very interesting global HR blogs from countries I don't follow blogs from - you can check out the Top 15 International HR Blogs of 2015 here :)

Now go ahead, keep reading and learning :)

Jan 13, 2015

Quoted in the India Education Daily on my talk at #XLHR15 @Sapphire_XLRI

There's a report about the 7th National HR Conference at XLRI on this site and they have this to say about my talk :)

Mr. Gautam Ghosh (Talent Branding Director, Flipkart) talked about how one can overestimate technology’s impact in the short run and underestimate it in the long run and how social, mobile and cloud are the major drivers of change today in the technology and business sphere. He also mentioned the consumerisation of technology and the move from systems of record to systems of engagement.

Jan 11, 2015

My presentation on #SocialHR at #XLHR15 today @Sapphire_XLRI

So this is the presentation I make at the 7th National HR Conference at XLRI Jamshedpur :)

Feedback welcome :)

Jan 8, 2015

Speaking at National HR Conference on Social #HR organized by @Sapphire_XLRI at @XLRIOnline

It's always a pleasure to go back to one's alma mater - and this weekend I would be looking forward to speaking at the 7th National HR Conference organized by SAPPHIRE - the HR Club of XLRI, Jamshedpur.

I would be speaking on the topic “Relevance of Technology in Driving Cultural Change” on 11th of January, 2015 at 09:30 am. As the agenda says: "The models for Change Management in organizations are continuously evolving and improving. The HR function is considered the custodian and bringer of change. With the evolution of technology, the way change is executed and communicated in an organization has undergone a paradigm shift, as the knowledge of any change now percolates through the organization much quicker through both formal and informal networks. Here we talk about how technology can aid us bring about more effective change management and how it should be used to best control it."

You can find the list of speakers here and the agenda here

The conference is extra special, because in January 1998, I was a member of SAPPHIRE and was part of the organizing committee of the 1st National HR Conference :) 

Will be posting insights from the conference on Twitter. You can follow me here 


Jan 5, 2015

HNY 2015! And Some interesting blog posts

At the outset here's wishing you all a very happy new year 2015!! Hope it's a great year - and may you achieve a lot of happiness and joy with your loved ones! Because that's all that matters in the end - careers, money and material success are merely the means - and may you achieve those too :)

So here are a few blog posts and articles that have made me think to start you thinking in the new year:

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Demand for managers with packages higher than a crore grows by 25-30%, say headhunters - that's around US $1.6 million p.a. in India!

XLRI announces 7th National HR Conference on "Social HR and Technological Applications in HR"

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The 'On-Demand Economy' Is Reshaping Companies And Careers

P.S. Also check out my employer's LinkedIn page and Blog ->

Flipkart on LinkedIn and the Flipkart Blog

Dec 17, 2014

New assignment - focused on employer branding leveraging social media

Here's an update - I have joined Flipkart as Director - Talent Branding. In this role, I would be driving the Talent Branding initiatives of Flipkart across various talent segments. I would also be responsible for creating, enhancing, maintaining virtual presence of Flipkart's Talent Acquisition team through channels like career site, job portals, and social platforms

Here's the coverage on Social Samosa
And yes, I have relocated to Bangalore and looking forward to my third stint in the city :)