Mar 27, 2015

The @LinkedIn video: How to get a job at @Flipkart

So my colleague Vamsi and I were interviewed by folks at LinkedIn as part of their campaign with MTV India's #GetAJob on what it takes to get a job at Flipkart using LinkedIn

So here's the video :)

Mar 26, 2015

The 3000th blog post - reflections on 13 years of blogging

So I thought I would blog on something special for this post, but then I realised that maybe this should just be a "looking back" post. And as my friend Steve Levy suggested on Twitter
I wandered into blogging by accident - as I guess most of us who discovered blogging in 2002 did. The pros outweighed the cons. You were part of a small community of bloggers and read each other's blog posts.

Being part of a early adopter community - like joining LinkedIn in 2002, or trying Yammer in 2008 ensure that you build connections easily and feel part of an "elite club", but the cons are that the tools are often not very evolved, and things that you want take time to be built into it - if at all.

Often the needs of the product change from users to revenue and the product changes and most of the early adopters like it. Sometimes the changes are triggered to make the product useful for the "normal" population which the early adopters don't agree with. It's a tricky balance. Saw it in the case of LinkedIn and also Twitter.

And here's an interview that my friend Jim Stroud did of me some 8 years ago - where I talk about how I got blogging

Mar 24, 2015

Stop the spam on LinkedIn !

I loved LinkedIn. Really. I was an early adopter. My membership number is 18770. (you can find yours by going to your profile page - it's the number after )

I was on LinkedIn before you had profile pics :) But I am getting nostalgic about the good ol' days.

But of late, many people are falling for spam on LinkedIn. No, I don't mean those mathematical puzzles (though they are irritating too) or "see the letters and the first word will tell.." (ditto). If you're a connection of mine that responds to either one of those there's only one thing I do, I hide your update - that means I will never ever see any update from you. Yep.
This post however is to entreat you not to fall for stupid, idiotic spams like these database building spam posts
Almost 40,000 people have given their mobile numbers to enter a WhatsApp group? Don't people know the limit for a WhatsApp group?
And then there's this. Makes me wonder about basic intelligence of people. No words to express my disappointment!
Please please don't ruin the LinkedIn experience for everyone.

Feb 25, 2015

Reminiscing about my blogging journey at #SMWBangalore #socialmedia

So yesterday two old blogging buddies Karthik, Manu and I went down memory lanes to talk at the Social Media Week Bangalore on how, what and why we blog - our celeb moments and what makes us continue with blogging in this "real time" age of Twitter

Here are a few of the tweets about the session from the people present there :)

Feb 6, 2015

Tweetchat on Blogging with @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore #socialmedia

So yesterday I was invited to be a guest at a Twitter chat hosted by the folks at Social Media Week where I would be speaking on 24th February

I thought I should share this with you, my blog readers :)

Feb 4, 2015

Free ebook on #recruiting trends in 2015 by @experteerworld - am quoted #HR #tchat

Here's an interesting resource for you. You can download the free ebook on recruiting trends by Experteer by entering your details here.

Yes yours truly was asked for a quote :)

And this is what I shared

Feb 3, 2015

Speaking at #SMWBangalore on Blogging along with @beastoftraal @manuscrypts :) @socialmediaweek #SMW15

Last year at Social Media Week Mumbai I was part of a panel discussion on Social HR.

On 24th Feb I would be speaking on a session at Social Media Week Bangalore on my blogging journey along with my blogging buddies Manu Prasad and Karthik Srinivasan.

So if you're in Bangalore, come over to The Big Pitcher on 24th and ask us :)Social Media WeekManu PrasadKarthik Srinivasan