Jun 17, 2004

An alternative view of Organizations in the future

Taking the trends of how organizations develop, maybe it won't take long for organizations to not even attempt at being 'long-life' entities.

Maybe, just maybe organizations should eventually become that ultimate knowledge organization - A movie unit !

Ok...so what do I mean by that...?

Well, essentially that a movie unit is driven by both a creative and a commercial compulsion. It is initiated by a group to maximise RoI, taps into the skills of several talented individuals, brings out a product, and then disbands...

While it may be fearful to think of ourselves as technicians in a film crew, I wonder if the current business climate will not see us land at that eventuality in 10 years (considering also the fact that salaried people get taxed much heavily than freelance professionals- maybe the government is a party to that !)

Of course, then organizations will no longer extend for a half-life of more than a couple of years (radioactive metaphor not intentional ;-)

The pros and cons:

1. differentiating work/life will be diffucult
2. Each one for him/herself would be the norm
3. In-demand skill sets would change from project to project
4. The superstars would command huge hefty salaries
5. The rest of us would have to live hand-to-mouth existences ..while
trying to be a superstar or coming to terms with our inability!
6. The 'producer' would continue raking in the moolah with continuing
IP sales beyond the life of the organization

very !

I hope so...!


  1. Hi;
    What made you think this up? Any incident.
    I remember reading Charles Handy that we are flea workers and movie crew units seem to be an extension of that. What happens then to things like brands , customer loyalty ?

  2. yes, that would be me. the blog connection on the six degrees of separation? ;-) jish

  3. Gautam...why do you assume:

    a)that a film crew is everyone-for-himself? I've never been part of a film crew, but my experience with small, tight-knit groups is that they tend to be high in cooperative team spirit (given minimally decent leadership.)

    b)that everyone other than superstars would live hand-to-mouth? Real film crews don't just have the superstars; they have cameramen, sound people, wardrobe people, etc etc, many of whom I believe are quite well paid.

  4. Sorry...the last post was not intended to be anonymous. It is from David Foster at


    ...who hate blogger comments.

  5. Interesting...I share the same view on the future of organizations. Check out Model 6 here, its similar to the fashion industry as well:

    Common characteristics are:
    -membership is in constant flux
    -converging on a problem/exploiting niche
    -disbanding then converging

    Its the iterative convergence and divergence very similar to how brainstorming or ideation sessions are run.