May 20, 2005

Bill Ives' book on business blogging is out

Bill Ives and Amanda Watlington have announced the availability of their book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide. As Bill says:

the book draws on the experience of busy, successful people from all walks of life that have used blogs to build their businesses, connect with professional colleagues, try out new ideas and create communities of interest. This new book is presented in two parts.
The first is a 220 page guidebook that covers the “what” and “how” of blogging in clear, accessible language. The second part includes 290 pages of interview notes drawing on the blogging experiences of 70 bloggers. It includes both “A-list” bloggers who have built broad readership and individuals who have intentionally built small, select but highly interconnected communities with whom they exchange information via the Web. The volume includes over 700 links and 100 illustrations.
In developing the book, we talked with ten or more bloggers in each of five groups; small businesses, individual consultants, non-profit organizations, individuals in large organizations, and blog tool and service providers. This was great fun and a useful learning experience for us. We asked each blogger such questions as: when and why did you start blogging? How has it met your objectives? Have your objectives evolved? What have been the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? How do you benefit from other blogs. What are your favorites and why? What advice do you have for other bloggers?

And I (ahem!) am one of them ;-) I mean, a blogger with whom Bill conducted a e-mail interview. I can't wait to read the book to see what other bloggers have said to those questions !!


  1. Have you read the book, 'First break all the rules?' It's based on a survey that Gallups conducted over 7 years, I think, to find out why talented people leave an prganization. They found that the moot point in their leaving was the relationship they had with their immediate superior.

    Sometimes the most obvious fact is also the most valuable insight. :-)

  2. Gautam

    Thanks for the for the mention of our book and for your excellent interview. It was both fun and a real learning experience to do all the interviews.

    Bill Ives