May 17, 2005

Knowing my readers

Blogging has been a little like opening the Johari window for me, although at a different level. After almost a year of blogging (when my blogging was more of a Personal KM effort) I discovered Technorati and it was a shock, to discover who was linking to me. Knowing that I had even a couple of readers actually modified the kinds of posts I was writing. Currently I have 75 blogs linking to me 89 times. Technorati actually discards post links after 7 days, so majorly it consists of blogroll links.

And then, I discovered the joys of RSS, and bloglines. It gave me a little more picture about who was reading the blog, and that modified the postings accordingly. Currently I have 63 people reading the rss feeds through bloglines...and I wonder who read it through other aggregators...? Blog pundits what are the tools that would tell you who reads you ? (considering that blogger does not support trackback yet !)

So my posts are currently on these areas:

  1. Knowledge Management
  2. HR areas
  3. Indian business scenario
  4. Soapbox - my views on all and sundry

What else would you want me to write about?

I am not making any commitments, but just thought I would do this dipstick check so that you can give me some feedback....feel free to email me or use the comments section of this post !

Another thought: I notice I don't get too many comments...why? What do I have to do to get comments? ;-)


  1. Why are you so worried about comments. Just do your karma and the results will follow.

    On a more serious note, I guess it would help if you put in some more posts about mmgmt fundas.

  2. As a regular reader and sometimes a commentator at your blog, let me say that I find your take on things very interesting. You are doing a great job. Keep at it.

  3. I am quite regular on your blog and find the reads really intresting and insightful. I often post links to your stories on my blogs.

    I feel putting up articles that are more of opinion generators will invite more comments

  4. is this market research?!

  5. Charu, maybe not in a technical sense, but in matter of purpose, yes !

  6. I think you have a knack for picking up just the right events, articles, opinions to comment on. A person looking for the most interesting pieces of the corporate world can pick it up from your blog! :)And I've also noticed the way you've 'evolved' as a blogger...getting in more and more of your own perspectives day by day...which is great! :)