May 6, 2005

Success for MNCs in India

The McKinsey Quarterly says:

Multinational companies are often successful precisely because they can
replicate products and processes and even market-entry strategies across
multiple markets. In India, however, that approach can bring disappointing

The multinationals with the most success in India are those that
tailor their products and practices to the idiosyncrasies of this market—even
when that means starting from scratch.


  1. Hmmm.... Not just India.... EuroDisney failed, before it became Disneyland Paris, because it didnt study the market carefully... I wonder what would happen when they come to India... If they had learnt their lesson, we would see Shakthiman dancing with Mickey Mouse.... :-)

  2. that's true Sabarish !

    Culture is such an important factor and wonder why even then companies waste dollars/euros before they discover its importance