Nov 28, 2005

What NOT to do in a resume

My last week was primarily involved in screening about 150 resumes that we recieved as part of an employee referral drive.

Some thoughts:

  1. When you give your contact email in a resume, please don't provide email ids like or An email is also a way to get your personality across, and ids like these do not potray a very professional image. If necessary make a mail id specifically for organizations to get in touch with you, but do not call it ;-)) ! A name with a number (in case you don't get a mail id with your exact name) would do very well.
  2. It is not necessary to have a "hobbies" section in a resume. For fresh graduates however, it can be an important way to get your skills and abilities across. However, and I can't stress this enough, "hanging out" and "watching movies" do not classify as hobbies, not even if you are applying for the job of a movie critic. A hobby should be given on a resume if it adds to your overall employability (and that holds true for all the words you put into your resume!)
  3. If you change your mobile number, please update the resume with the details. Provide at least one contact number where any message can be left to be passed on to you.

I learnt a lot in the process too.

  • Sometimes resumes that read great are not so great on the phone.
  • Sometimes information on the resume is not enough to prepare you to getting a good candidate.
  • It's tough to say no to an overqualified candidate even if he/she is willing to take a cut and work just because she/he has been unemployed for a while.

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