Apr 26, 2006

My talk on blogging

I delivered a talk at Satyam computers on 25th April. I was invited by the Knowledge Management team there to address their employees on the nuts and bolts of blogging and sharing how Blogging could be a tool for Knowledge Sharing within the corporation.

The presentation I made can be found here - It's a 2 MB PPT.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the crowd (about 40 people had come in) covered people from all levels in the organization and functions (there were people from businesses, strategy group, learning center and support functions who were there). The best part was finding out that there were 4 bloggers there, although the famous tech blogger Sadagopan wasn't there.

There were quite a few questions about what could motivate people to blog within the organization and who should blog and what should the purpose of blogging be.

My take on the questions was that a variety of approaches could be tried for blogging and eventually the culture of the company would determine what kind of blogging takes off, and finds the rhythm within the organization.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself in the talk and found myself getting quite passionately drawn into the discussions around it.

The talk has given me also quite a bit of food for thought and I will be blogging about them in the near future.


  1. Gautam,

    Thanks very much for sharing this presentation. I wish I could have heard the discussions. My favorite slides are 10 and 11. Could you say a bit more about the discussion around these two pages?

    Two additional questions:

    First, did you touch on the question of whether different types of companies are more or less amenable to using internal blogging? Satyam is arguably a classic "knowledge intensive" company with a focus on consulting, engineering, and other "knowledge worker" types of activities. Doesn't this focus make Satyam, by definition, more likely to adopt internal blogging than, say, a pure manufacturer or a pure retail focused organization?

    Second, during your discussion did you get into any of the economics of internal blogging, i.e., would it be viewed as substituting for some other form of communication (implying replacement or substitution costs), or would it be seen as adding costs by requiring an additional communication channel to be justified?

    Dennis D. McDonald

  2. Gauteg,
    I enjoyed your powerpoint as well. I appreciated your pointing out the importance of integrating your internal blogs with company directories and personalizing the positions with them.

    This kind of stuff seems obvious to bloggers, but to businesses it's these little details that are so important and so overlooked.


  3. Hello Gautam,

    Your Powerpoint Presentation was really done well. You addressed the main points to blogging for both internal and external styles, gave great backup from Technorati of statistics, page layouts, and examples of live blogs.

    You gave just enough information to validate the need and left room for them to commission you as a blogging advisor.

    Good show.

    Kenneth R Sword Jr