Jun 30, 2006

Employment Brands being shaped by social software

It's not only blogging that is changing and moulding employer branding and perception. Social software like Orkut are also inexorably making their mark on employees sharing their perception with prospective employees.

Check out the above graphic.

What are you doing as an employer to counter such perceptions?

Are you getting confrontational or are you joining the conversation?


  1. For a change I totally disagree with you.

    If you think that Orkut groups and profiles can shape employee's perception about organisations then I guess you are taking your imagination too far.

    Social software will make an impact but not with frivolous and non-serious profiles like the one you've posted.

    Let me ask you will it change your perception????

  2. Your question presents a potential flip-side to the questions raised in the recent debate on Recruiting.com under the post MySpace vs. LinkedIn. With the comments regarding "candidate brand" in mind, can we expect consumers of employment brand to be as discriminating as we expect employers to be overlooking “social indiscretions”? For what it’s worth, I think the problems for employers will be compounded as search engines provide relevant context for postings. These types of democratization in the recruitment process – social software, blogging, search engine relevancy - will eventually lead employers to have to address the issues of brand as a recruiting fundamental. Employment branding, rather than being a source manageged as it is today as a source of competitive advantage, will soon become a business imperative where the ability to recruit and engage anyone at all will be what is at stake.


  3. Correction - the comment above should have read at the end:

    "Employment branding, rather than being an source of competitive advantage, deployed strategically as it is today, will soon become a business imperative where the ability to recruit and engage anyone at all will be what is at stake."

  4. I disagree with you.In my opinion,these forums are set up by young guys who hardly know what they want. I have worked for TCS and Infosys.And I can certainly state that these organizations are very well structured.These folks who start such groups are sour grapes.I had my share of problems at Infy/TCS, but then I realized that If I am a part of the problem, am also part of the solution. The "cribbing" factor is very evident in freshers who join the place. It is more to do with the expectations mismatch.I am not sure if companies should really be bothered if there is talks like that about the organization.

  5. Excellent comment by Indian Blogger.It's a realistic and true picture of the reality man....

  6. I agree with indian_blogger, very recently another top Indian company based out of teaneck had its share of problem - with some folks going out and editing wikipedia entry with uncharitable comments. This is nothing short of maligning someone's fair name. In the context of thousands of employees that these IT companies employ, do you think all would get what they want and what they think they deserve? Sour grapes will always be there and I think Organizations should choose to turn a blind eye to these so called social softwares!

  7. Social software can certainly have an impact on a company and its brand. However, that impact will be a relfection on the readers themselves and how much weight they give various sources. If the readers consider the source and determine the source to be unrealiable, then for sure the social software will have little impact. On the other hand, if the readers deem the writer to be credible, it could have an impact.


  8. I am not sure how much these things can 'damage' and stuff, but I am definitely sure corporates cannot afford to turn a blind eye to these things - just imagine if someone blows a whistle on wikipedia - a completely unnecessary and avoidable amount of time will be spent by senior management and corporate communications on clarifying stuff to the hounding media....all corp comms should come up with some strategy for all this - though I am not sure what exactly that would be.

  9. infosys is just a coolie company. freshers join expecting the moon and pretty soon realize thats not the case!

    i think the fault also like with infy and its PR agency who fill the media like they are into rocket science.
    when ppl realize its jut mundane copy paste , this had to happen