Jul 24, 2006

Blogging big in India?

Debashish has some news:

The Recently released India online 2006 survey has revealed that of the 21.4 million net users of Indians a staggering 85% (that’s roughly 18 million people) regularly check blogs. The study conducted by Juxt consult, New Delhi also revealed that there is a 22% rise in number of Indian net users from last year’s figure of 17.7 million. The users are mostly urban and most of the blogs, the report says, are maintained by net savvy people. A recent Economic Times report, published during the blanket ban on blogs initiated by the government, had cited that there are approximately 40000 Indiblogs around.

So 18 million people check out 40,000 blogs? Hmm, that's an audience of 450 readers per blog (and we know how skewed averages are). With around 300 daily visits and 174 bloglines readers accessing my blog I guess I am fairly average ;-)

However, one needs to understand the power of blogs in shaping popular opinions. Specially focussed blogs like YouthCurry, India Uncut, War For News and Death Ends Fun (has it ended?).

A sign of maturity for the Indian blogosphere is the emergence of group blogs like Desipundit which strive to drive traffic to great content.

The next steps would be the emergence of paid blogging for Indian bloggers. For fun I searched for Blogger jobs on Jobster and there emerged interesting jobs like these:
Marketing Blogger
Blogger Program Manager
Pro Blogger for #1 Outdoor Blog on the Planet
Heh, there's even one for a gig I already do ! Contributor to Recruiting.com

Are organizations in India ready to embrace blogging and put their money where their mouth is? I think we still need to hold for a year to see this emerging. C'mon folks, surprise me !

Update: Of course, if outsourcing is India's core competence, even blog coding can be outsourced ;-)

Recruit.net provides jobs in Australia.

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  1. the trend of bloging is increasing .i think in coming yrs it will be the fastest growing service industry..
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