Aug 16, 2006

Bridging the gap

Lilia blogs about two types of blogging, author centric and topic centric.

As more and more people in the workplace start to blog, Lilia's question will become very pertinent for them as well as their employers:

So, what happens when an author-centred, author-driven and author-dependent weblog on work-related topics becomes recognised, valued and supported by the company that pays the author to work on those topics? The weblog turns into a middlespace for negotiations and interplay of powers - those of a person and of an organisation...
Maybe this won't be true for large organizations (you know the type where people are warned "don't use company assets for personal use" or they say "blogs what?") but for smaller organizations this could be a valuable way to gain visibility to the bloggers community. Ultimately it depends on the engagement the blogger has with the organization to how much visibility she/he gives in the blog, and if that is stronger than the commitment he/she has towards the community of his/her readers.

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