Feb 20, 2007

Targeting happy employees

Charu Mittra the HR blogger at blitzkreig is exasperated with the latest clickjobs.com ad that tries to make passive jobseekers active :-)

As this commercial says, if you are NOT looking out for a change because you happen to be HAPPY with our job, you are really stupid because you are closing your eyes to phenomenal opportunities...

I mean, here you are rolling out "employee engagement" initiatives, introducing "fun at work", trying to build critical experiences into their profiles, providing international exposure......all to get people to be HAPPY with their jobs.....and there it goes... pooof!!

Yeah, HR people never had is so tough as they are having it now in India. By the way here is the commercial in case you missed it :-)

1 comment:

  1. Well....take the positive side to it...It makes the job of the HR more challenging and creative doesn't it?! And if it turns out that you are not happy with the job......Clickjobs is always at your service too!!!