Feb 20, 2007

Paycheck for the IT industry

Regular readers would remember that I blogged about Paycheck some time ago.

Seems like they are taking another approach to make the concept successful. According to the Hindustan Times:

Information Technology Professionals’ Forum-India (ITPF) has launched a new website www.itpaycheck.com. The website will be the first of its kind to provide online connection and sharing of pay data.

The event was inaugurated by Information Technology secretary G Nagendra Kumar in New Delhi. PK Tripathy, President of ITPF Delhi, Biju Varkkey, IIM Ahmedabad and Manoj Varghese, Director, HR, Google-India were among the delegates present at the occasion.

The website is a platform that would showcase the outcome of pay surveys being conducted in the country by Netherlands-based WageIndication Foundation.

Makes sense, as the professionals most comfortable searching for and sharing such data over the internet would be the IT industry. Remember this country is one where a active internet user is defined as one who accesses the internet once a month at least !


  1. I have written a post based on the data from the PayCheck site. Compared Indian salaries to Singapore IT salaries.


  2. Paycheck means a check issued to an employee in payment of salary or wages. In IT industry paycheck is higher than other industries because of opportunities in IT industries.