Apr 5, 2007

Lyro - the digital business card

After the spate of business networking sites web 2.0 folks are training their guns on something more basic- the good ol' fashioned business card.

Enter Lyro, which is trying to do a Linkedin and ZoomInfo to business cards.

For example you can see my virtual business card here, and as they say, it's searchable by all major search engines.

As they say:

During the coming days and weeks we’ll be adding features and functions that will give you the ability to build a comprehensive portfolio about yourself and your work – giving you broad capability to brand who you are and what you do. All of this will be done under a premise that allows you to control what information you want published. You have absolute control over the information you provide to others through the LyroMail messaging system. Lyro will never release your email address to other users!

With the success of Linkedin I think a lot of startups are trying to focus on what has enabled linkedin to be successful. It'll be interesting to see how Lyro develops itself.

In fact, Jobster, seems more and more like Linkedin these days, there's even a contact management system these days like Linkedin and additionally Jobster has added "blog buddy" on the lines of mybloglog to cosy up to bloggers even more. As Jason Goldberg says it is a
"dynamic flash widget which shows who visits your blog with quick links to their profile and to send them a note. It shows if your blog visitors are hiring and what jobs they are hiring for."
When you do a mouse over on a profile, it even tells folks what your "workplace tags" are. Yeah, radical transparency, I guess, this is called.

It might work in the US, but I am sure India is very far away from this yet :-) So no "blog buddy" widget on my blog as of now. Bloggers are still not people who are making hiring decisions in their firms :-)

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  1. Brother, if I was a hiring manager visiting a site would I want the site owner to know that I was there? No, because then he might start bugging me.

    Sometimes, you just want some privacy. It's like seeing someone you know on the street and hoping they don't see you when you don't feel like going through the greeting rituals.