Jun 11, 2007

Google's HR focus in India

Well looks like Google is following in GE's footsteps, as far as developing its HR talent is concerned.

GE's been famous for its functional Leadership Programs where people are put through a diverse stint in various GE businesses to develop as HR/Finance and Information Management Leaders.

Looks like Google which in the US beat McKinsey to be the favourite employer of MBAs is taking a leaf out of GE's strategy by launching the Google India HR Emerging Leader Program.

It is slated to be a 18-21 month program with two six-month engagements that will involve on the job training on Staffing / Staffing Programs as well as Employee Engagement ( including Compensation Cycle )

In addition there would be a one 6-9 month cross-geography assignment.
Other things being promised are rich collaboration with peers and senior business leaders from across Google offices, globally. In addition there would be an identified Mentor from HR leadership for the participants.

By focusing on MBAs and Psychology post-graduates from the 2005/2006 batch, Google is positioning itself as a place that can be relevant to non-Engineers too :-)

The thing to watch out for is whether they would roll out Marketing/Finance programs like this too..

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  1. Gautam.

    What is the entry level salaries (for Engineerng and MBAs ) at Google.

    Would be great if you provide an approximate salary ranges atleast in IT service provider companies.

    That will be your most linked/read post ;-)