Jun 13, 2007

Interesting links

Looks like the HR Carnival has impacted my blogging habit :-)

This post is a collection of some interesting articles I came across on the blogosphere.

Rashmi Bansal has two posts on jobs. In one she blogs about how the perception of employment brand might suffer if a company starts hiring people in large numbers. I am not sure if I agree, but yes, people with a high need of achievement might not like it so much if they are college toppers and the guy who scraped through the exams also ends up working for the same organization. However, people with high need for affiliation (that includes a sizable group) might really like it. In the next post she shows how larger sections of society are getting impacted by the economic growth and nature of jobs changing.

AK Menon speaks from a executive search consultant's perspective on the hottest search for a job candidate in India. No, not the President of the country but the Coach of the Indian Cricket Team. I personally think Graham Ford is not to be faulted for refusing the offer. If he saw the chaotic operations of the BCCI and heard about the one year contract, he is within his right to refuse. There is no guarantee that just because one has chosen to come to the interview that he/she will take up the job the offer. The other thing is - are there some jobs where the challenges far outweigh the rewards? If the perception is so, then selling that job is a tough proposition!

Prasad O Kurian does an informal survey on who are the thought leaders in HR in India, and he comes up with some interesting insights and even more questions :-)

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