Jul 10, 2007

FabCity has a job for a blogger

[Hat Tip Prof. Madhukar Shukla]

Is this the start of a trend?

I hope so :-)

WANTED: Blogger wanted for FabCity.in

[Posted 17 June 2007]

Requirements: You must:

  1. Be informed about what is happening in the semiconductor industry in India
  2. Know what readers want to know about and provide it
  3. Write with authority on the semiconductor industry in India
  4. Be able to express yourself articulately and rationally
  5. Be able to produce original editorial content, consistently
  6. Write great headlines
  7. Provide regular contributions focusing on the emergence of Fab City, Hyderabad
  8. Be able and available to write 3x200 word blog postings per week and respond to comment feedback
  9. Be able to build up a community around the blog, building it up into a highly relevant authority over time
  10. Be familiar with using blog technologies
How to apply: Write to us explaining how you meet the above requirements.

Yes, it's a bonus if you have your own blog and can demonstrate your ability to write on the semiconductor industry in India. Yes, it’s a bonus if you can write about Fab City developments.

Please provide links to your blog or any blog postings you have made and that are related to this job. Tell us why you should be the Fab Blogger.

Payment will be made monthly via PayPal. We pay a flat rate per post.

Clear and accurate English is required. All applications are in confidence.

Apply Now!


  1. I wanted to give this post the highest rating! But i guess i have done the contrary. Clarifying it hereby.


  2. Wow! What an opportunity, I like the site - wish I know something about semiconductors! I hope this is a trend.