Aug 6, 2007

Facebook doesn't want to Joiner

Sorry for the awful pun, but Harry Joiner, the Marketing headhunter invited 4600 of his email contacts on to Facebook, and the folks at Facebook banned him.

IMHO, that was a very harsh decision. Social networks, specially social networks that slowly develop into business networks will have some 'nodes' or people who connect to a large number of people. Recruiters are one such people. Others would be VCs.

Even someone like me who is neither has 1200+ contacts on Linkedin and 930+ contacts on Orkut. Facebook is not yet very popular in India, so my contact numbers are less than 200 there :)

Facebook's action seems quite unilateral without giving Harry a chance to explain himself or to see that the large number of his contacts are a legitimate outcome of his being a recruiter and not a spammer.

Learning from this episode, when you join a social network, upload your contacts list and invite people who already are there on the network. Inviting contacts who have no idea what Linkedin, hi5, orkut, facebook are can be counter productive.

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