Jan 14, 2008

posts to start the week

Some blog posts worth reading on a Monday to reflect throughout the week:

Why Sensemaking is vital - Anecdote Blog

Savor obscurity while it lasts and Beware of turning Hobbies into Jobs by Hugh.

Why do young people have more imagination in Blogspotting

and an article from Knowledge@Wharton - How investing in Intangibles like Employee Satisfaction translates into financial returns:

a correlation between employee satisfaction and stock returns need not imply causation. Although he controls for many observable variables, it is impossible to rule out the story that an unobservable variable, such as superior management practices, may cause both higher returns and satisfied employees. However, even under this interpretation, "it still remains that the market does not incorporate intangibles (whether they are satisfaction levels or good management) even when made publicly available, and that an investor could have earned significant risk-adjusted returns by trading on the Fortune list."

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