Jun 20, 2008

Where have I been?

In case you have been wondering whether this blog has been kept in cold storage, don't worry. Am around and very much kickin' it. Only this time, it's offline.
Am currently in the beautiful city of Pune in western India, delivering two back to back workshops for a client. One of the workshops was for veteran managers on Influencing and Networking Skills.
Today and tomorrow I am delivering a program for their management trainees on making the transition to a full time management role and facilitating understanding that the choice in their hands to make a vibrant and positive workplace.

Here are some interesting blogs I came across recently. HRM Today is a community blog authored by some of my fave bloggers. ResumeGrabber is a company I tweeted about sometime back, and now they have started blogging too. On a related note CodeMunch claims it's a social resume builder application. Cool. Note to self: Must check it out to see what that means.
The Human Capital Institute is starting blogs related to talent acquisition, leadership, the talent economy, talent development and strategy. Only the talent economy blogs seems to have any worthwhile content on it, so far.


  1. Gautum, Thanks for the shoutout! Have fun and looking forward to regular blog posts coming soon.

  2. Thanks Gautam. Appreciate the link love.
    Would love to talk in detail about CodeMunch and how we plan to stand out from other resume management services.