Sep 25, 2008 to start a Job board for recruiters

Got an update from Jason Davis, the founder of that they're starting a job board for people to post Recruiting and HR positions. I think mostly the posts would be US centric, however if enough Indian organizations/Recruiters post there - I guess Indian HR/Recruiting folks can also search for jobs there.
Essentially, the job board will be free for 90 days. Everyone on will have 10 positions they can post for free for the next 90 days. after that it will change. Not sure yet to what but it will.
If you have recruiting or HR related positions you would like to post, please use the code rbcjobs and though I am officially launching tomorrow, you can go there now and start posting if you have positions and you want to post them there. again, the code is rbcjobs
If you know of anyone in the business who posts these kinds of positions, let them know that they can post for free if they are a member of this community for the next 90
The link to the new Job Board is

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