Feb 6, 2009

Graduating in 2009?

Got this email from a MBA student

I request you to kindly suggest me some ways to get myself placed during this crunch time.
Looking forward to your reply.

And this is what I replied:

These are tough times. The key to a good future is to organize what your priorities are.

Maybe you won’t get placed through your college. You should access the key players in industries that are doing well and approach them directly. Ask your professors for their contacts with industry.

Always keep in mind that you are greater than your visiting card (that statement was from Abhijit Bhaduri's book Married But Available). Don’t disrespect yourself because you cannot get a dream job. Economic conditions will change in the future, and the more you have faith in your own self the better you will leverage the upturn when it comes

Yes, it's a tough year to be graduating in. Rashmi Bansal has some useful posts and hopefully will have some great ideas on what a fresh graduate/MBA can do to get employment.

Wish all folks in the class of 2009 all the best.

And oops, just realised that my class completes a decade after graduation! Man, I am getting really old! :D

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