Sep 24, 2010

HR Examiner Sponsor's the HR Professional's Network

Note: I had earlier posted that I was fearing that I'd have to shut down the HR Professionals' network (which now has more than 1400 members) that was hosted on Ning - since Ning was moving to a fully paid model.

Thankfully now I have some great news to share. John Sumser, the Founder, Author and Editor-in-Chief, of HR Examiner contacted me and readily agreed to help. So now the HR professionals' network is proud to be sponsored by is a new magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of
senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. The company is located in Bodega Bay, California.

You can read more about HRExaminer in the manifesto or subscribe to their email updates or RSS feed.

I would recommend you to read the latest weekly magazine, HRExaminer v1.33 September 17, 2010
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