Jun 15, 2006

Networking at US B Schools

I'm sure that companies will try out these tactics to influence their rankings from day two to day zero imposed by premier Indian B Schools on campuses.

With the constant pressures of career planning, socializing is hard work for B-school students. "Among students, socializing and networking is basically the same thing," says 2006 University of Virginia Darden graduate Trevor Brown. Even tailgate parties at weekend football games are sponsored by major recruiters. Business and pleasure also get blurred when companies sponsor social events off-campus, such as bowling parties or fancy dinners. It's in this non-academic atmosphere that jobs are often secured, according to Darden student Caroline Rosenberg.

In my days (damn, that makes me sound so old !) the highlight was HLL's pre-placement talk.

We got free ice-creams.

Alas, UB or De Beers did not come to campus !