Sep 5, 2006

B School Recruitment Blues

Rashmi's comment to this post got me thinking that the "Blink" way of making judgements about organizations in the part of the B School student as well as the about the students about the organizatiton is very true.

The blame can be laid squarely on the processes the B Schools follow in India, with their emphasis on days and slots. Here's a first hand account

Organizations even when they are not fighting for talent, want to be known as day zero or one recruiters on campus and a weird bidding war ensures for artificially created talent shortage. There is intellectually hardly any difference between a student who gets placed on day zero (mostly the people with a high CGPA) versus those who get placed on day three or four. The success factor is usually linked to EQ, which the process does not give any space or time to check.

What organizations need to do is create more spaces for student organization interaction that gives them time to see students up close. Summer internships are of course one way to do that. But bear in mind that the process for Summer selection also mirrors the final placements.

Now organizations are creating other avenues, like live projects in campus , and sending people down to take lectures and special classes, which could be specified for an industry. It helps in demystifying the jargon and also build the brand of the employer.

Of course, I hope the pendulum does not swing to the other extreme like how it happens in the US :-)