Nov 29, 2006

Social networking in India

The latest India Today chronicles the growth of social networking sites like, and Orkut in India. (fellow blogger Dina Mehta is quoted extensively)

I've been a member of all three sites for over 2-3 years and while Ryze's growth seems to have stagnated, Orkut is really on a roll these days. Linkedin showed growth a year ago although it's reduced now, but India is in their top 10 countries now (I hope they add search by Indian cities functionality soon)

Orkut is primarily growing due to the adoption of young college going crowd and by ripple effect people in the workplace too. There is a critical mass to discover old friends now, which wasn't the case 6-10 months ago.

I haven't yet become a member of the Indian sites or (which has even been advertising on FM radio !)

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