Feb 15, 2007

Paul McKinnon Dell's HR Head quits

After the resignation of Kevin Rollins, it was the turn of John Hamlin and Paul McKinnon to leave Dell.

Hamlin was senior vice president of Dell Inc.'s global online business and marketing division, and was the SVP who oversaw Dell International Services, which was the BPO tech support, consumer care and sales operations. So the 8000 Dell employees in India and other low cost locations all reported into John Hamlin.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul McKinnon once. Before his professional life he was an assistant professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, where he taught organizational behavior. Therefore he was a little different from most other corporate leaders.

During an interaction he had with the India HR team, one of my colleagues asked him "Paul, what do you think is the most necessary skill/competency that a HR professional should have?"

Without much thought he answered "A point of view"

Wish you all the best, Paul !