Apr 14, 2007

Job Hunting Tip 1

So you've made an online CV at one of the leading job portals.

And you wait for some time. And some more. And some more.

No recruiters or organizations call you.

By this time you're feeling angry at the job portal that advertises so many thousands of jobs every week. What's the point if you don't even get a call for interview.

But, what can you do?

Edit your resume

Ask a friend to go through your resume. Check for typos. If you are applying for a certain type of job can you broaden the functions and industries?

Check whether your email id is entered correctly.

Oh another thing, every time you edit your resume, it stands a better chance of ranking higher in the recruiters' searches. That's because most of the job portals have a option for recruiters to search resumes which have recently been modified. That's to ensure that people who are actively looking for a change get the visibility.

So go ahead, if you are actively looking, keep editing your resume. Do it at least once every week to remain top of the searches. Of course, this is a approximate figure. If you are competing for visibility along with very few people, then you can edit your resume at a longer time frame.

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