Aug 6, 2007

Employment Branding and the unhappy blogger employee

I've blogged earlier about how employment branding is entering a new phase in the web 2.0 world. Employees and prospective employees who are turned away both have the option of voicing their disgruntlement and displeasure for the whole world to search online for posterity.

Another example that Matt Martone blogs about is the anonymous employee blog.

Yes, I agree with Matt that it's time HR woke up to the reality of how social media is going to shape the organization's employment brand. It's no longer enough to send out only press releases to a couple of journalists and then relax.

The workforce of tomorrow is reading and contributing to the conversation. They have much less of a respect for what the pink papers say. For them what a Scoble (in the US) or what Rashmi (in India) blog about is probably going to carry more weight.

So here's a primer on who the biggest bloggers are in India. It's time for HR to join the conversation.