Aug 19, 2007 group launches social networking site

Well, technically Brijj has been launched by Info Edge India Limited, the holding company for, and Jeevansathi.

But seriously.. another social networking site? I'm already getting social networking fatigue managing, Orkut, Facebook. I hardly check Myspace, hi5 or Minglebox these days. And no I haven't yet joined the plethora of other sites like Jhoos, Bigadda ad infinitum.

Bill Ives pointed to an interesting survey:
Doug Cornelius posted an interesting survey on his KM Space blog. He conducted a survey of law school summer associates. He said that these are preliminary results:

More than 80% have a Facebook account
Of those, 2/3 check Facebook at least once a day
Only 25% have a LinkedIn account
Of those, only 10% check LinkedIn once a week, with the rest answering rarely
Only 20% have a MySpace account
Of those, 1/4 check it once a week, with the rest answering rarely

I now have a Facebook account and recently wrote on The Emergence of Facebook for Business. I am likely to check it frequently as I like the rich context it provides. I never “check” LinkedIn but I do respond to things that come through it. I opened a MySpace account because of a friend but never check it so I guess I correlate with these findings.

Yeah, that sounds around the same things that I do too.