Jan 4, 2008

Another survey on attrition reasons in India

And this time it's by Yellojobs.com (yes, the same guys who partnered NDTV for ndtvjobs and then split from them)

The survey highlights that over 70 per cent of top IT & BPO companies face attrition in excess of 20%.

According to the survey, which was conducted among professionals irrespective of the career span, monetary gains are not the only reason for people changing jobs. Forty two per cent employees stated that they changed jobs due to non co-operating and bad superiors, 34 per cent said that they had left their previous job as the organisation could not provide any further growth and remuneration; while uninteresting job profile, office politics and work environment were the other reasons cited for changing jobs.

Among those who participated in the online survey, 56 per cent claimed to have switched their jobs in the past and 10 per cent of those respondents claimed to have switched jobs more than four times.

So the old adage of people joining companies and leaving bad managers continues to be true? Or are people in the current hypergrowth environment in Indian industries being thrust in managerial positions before being ready for it?

What do you think?