Aug 14, 2008

HR Talent supply gap

Rohit Jain has a take on a topic I have frequently posted on in the past. Have even been quoted in the press about it.

Apart from what Rohit suggests, I would also take a look at redefining HR processes so that "HR people" are really not required to implement them. That would mean also redefining managerial roles to incorporate more and more HR aspects into them. HR should become like quality Prof Udai Pareek noted 11 years ago.

It should be a responsibility for all managers and leaders to be focused on attracting motivating and developing great people. HR people should be minimal in organizations to merely act as facilitators. However, the tragedy is that talent gap is not making organizations and CEOs think creatively about the issues. As Rohit notes - that's because HR is associated mostly with pay increases and promotions.

Rohit suggests:

The overall situation looking at numbers above does not look too good for sure. Perhaps the most important element of this demand and supply situation is the fact this demand is maximum at the middle and senior level in most organizations. Gap is even more acute at that level.
One of the solutions to this problem in my view is “HR for Non HR”. We need more and more business and cross functional people to be trained on aspects related to people challenges. In my view not only will that improve the situation, many of these ‘inside business’ guys will go on to become more successful HR professionals :)

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