Jan 14, 2009

Guard your Job during Recession

Recession or economic slowdown is the time when organizations get a lot more strict with low performance/no-performance. Here are some ways you can stop yourself from getting axed during this recession.

  1. Contribute more than what is expected of you. Usually, what you are doing would be an input into someone else's job. Try to learn what is done by them. Then add that, so that helps in the other person save some time and also be more productive. If you can do a part of your boss' work that would be even better. 
  2. However if you follow 1 for your boss, ensure that your boss gets the credit - and don't undermine his/her authority or make him/her feel insecure.
  3. Whatever your role is, do something that helps the organization to build business. So even if you are an internal IT person in a company selling Medical Insurance - can you get contacts from Hospitals that would make the business stronger?
  4. If you can't do 3 then you need to know people who can do that for your firm. Keep working that rolodex and get your organization access to people. 
  5. What if you don't know such a large diverse group of people? Build your network.
  6. If you can't do the above but are good in written communication - and your company does not have an online presence maybe you can talk to the marketing and Corporate Communications folks to start your firm's social media initiative. Don't expect to get paid for it additionally. However, if that happens look at it as a bonus!
  7. If none of the above then try to be as creative in your current role - being an innovator and getting more out of less is a great skill in an employee whether it is in recession or during boom times.
  8. Keep learning, honing and developing your skills. If your organization trains you, great - else take the self study route.
  9. Remember the 5 skills for Career Success. Don't mess up on that front too!
Hope you ride the recession rather than it running you over!