Sep 27, 2004

Weekend musings

The question that often bothers me is how do corporate organizations look at the long term and larger picture than just concentration on quarterly results.
How do we think of all the stakeholders (citizens, communities, environment) of the business rather than just shareholders and customers?
It is my view that organizations (of any form) are unnatural entities with their command and control structures and secretive ways. For organizations to survive and thrive they need to embrace the ways of a natural human community (which they already are, but pretend not to be :-))

As Dave Pollard points out James Surowiecki (who wrote in his book The
Wisdom of Crowds
), laments the fact that, despite compelling evidence that
executives and experts are poor at making decisions, and that the collective
wisdom of large numbers of people is very much better at it, few businesses
rigorously canvass their employees and customers for anything more than
inconsequential assessments after the decisions have already been made.

Once we start discovering the wisdom rather than just the 'optimum decision' business will cease to be seen as extractive by the rest of community. But how do we get there?

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