Jul 15, 2005

Indian cricket team using de Bono technique

Well Greg Chappell is trying to make the Indian cricketers think differently !

coach Greg Chappell and Shiva Subramaniam of Tata Consultancy Services held separate sessions on team goals and on Edward De Bono's lateral thinking methods.

So from Sandy Gordon's persuasive technique Dravid, Tendulkar and company are moving to a new thinking style. What needs to be seen is whether this will impact their skills on the field !


  1. I think they have the skills at that level... its the application... i believe in terms of skill/talent the Indian team is better than Australia. I dont know what problem is being solved *in this team* with the De Bono caps? or is he just setting some process in place for later? OTOH he denies there is a problem with the team and goes ballistic on media men when asked that question. If there is no problem why arent they the best team already?

  2. An negative head trying to wear multiple hats-the plight of the Indian team
    Mad M@K

  3. well indian team rocks!!
    and as usual its mr.consistent popularly known as the wall of indian cricket team, who has delivered the goods time and again and been the saving grace for india in tough situations...way to dravid...u are bound to shine even brighter and make india proud!!!